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XDV-55 buzz

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We've had the system at the church for over a year with no problem, using the over the ear mike.  I bought a lavalier for the Minister and there is now a buzz on the audio.  It depends on exactly where the cable is in relation to the transmitter.  I have tried everything short of small caps or ferrite beads (maybe RF).  Sounds very digital to me.  PS - I tried some really HIGH :-) quality ($15) mikes and they don't buzz. Thoughts?

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12 hours ago, Digitalman42 said:

Those isn't an answer, but I purchased six Shure WL93 Lavalier mics and they work flawlessly. Clear as ever, no buzz.  They are very high end and write expensive but we'll worth the price.


The buzz could be bad wiring or connections.




Not much worse than the Line6.

Not my year, the PS went bad in our less than one year old X32 and it's now been off line for 3 months waiting for parts.


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On 9/26/2021 at 3:34 PM, RussellPastuch said:

Model: # L6LM4T  The one that is supposed to work with it.  I've even tried running the cable around my back and still iffy.  Guess I'll try some caps or beads, and being a church and "cheap", worse comes to worse, I'll run some braid over the outside.


That's odd - those are the ones that come bundled with the kits that contain lav mics. I have several - all work perfectly.

I have the very vaguest of recollections of an issue years ago, maybe with an early version of these systems. (I might be remembering incorrectly!)  How old is your transmitter / was it bought from new?

It would be worth trying some substitutions with identical components if you have access to any e.g. does a different TX have the same issue when using that particular mic etc.

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