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Line 6 Amplifi 150. Trying to fix the amplifier myself


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Friends, hello everyone!


I am writing to you via Google translator, since English is not my native language.


So, I have a Line 6 Amplifi 150 guitar amp. It worked well enough and I didn't expect any problems. Installed the
latest firmware 2.60 and everything worked fine. After a couple of months, the amplifier suddenly, when turned on,
went into the mode of simultaneous blinking of four LEDs. Sometimes they just blinked, and sometimes they burned
constantly. I reset the amplifier to factory settings by holding down two buttons - volume and tap, and after that
everything worked until the next failure. The last such failure permanently disabled the amplifier. I decided to try
to fix the problem on my own, since there was no desire to pay several hundred dollars for repairs.


I carefully disassembled the back wall and, having disconnected the wires, removed the entire rear module.


The power supply board is located on the bottom of the amplifier. It has a 220 volt input and the following
voltages output on the front eight-pin connector.


Pin 1: +8 Volt (For powering the motherboard)
Pin 2: Ground
Pin 3: +19 Volt (For powering the satellite speaker amplifier)
Pin 4: Ground
Pin 5: -19 Volts (For powering the satellite speaker amplifier)
Pin 6: +48 Volt (For powering the center speaker amplifier)
Pin 7: Ground
Pin 8: -48 Volts (For powering the center speaker amplifier)


I checked the voltage data with a multi-meter and made sure the power supply is working.


After that, I carefully peeled off the glue from the Micro SD card and pulled it out of the slot. 4 GB card. I turned
on the amplifier without a card, nothing happened. I put the card back in and turned on the amplifier again, but it
didn't work.


And then I decided to replace the card with another and reflash it again. I only had 16 GB at hand, I pulled out the
old card, inserted a new one, and holding down two buttons Tap and Tone turned on the power. The amplifier has
entered the firmware installation mode. After that I installed the latest firmware 2.60. The installation went well,
there were no problems. After installation, I reset by holding down the Volume and Tap buttons, and the amplifier
turned on to its normal mode. Everything worked.

But now periodically, not very often, but sometimes several times the amplifier independently during operation resets
to the factory settings and turns on again. At the same time, LEDs 1 and 4 light up (only 1 and 4). They blink several times and a
reset occurs. I don’t know what it is, but I’ll figure it out. Perhaps the system does not like the SD card, and I
need to install 4 or 8 GB. Maybe bad cables or bad contact somewhere.


I will say one thing, I have not yet met such an so expensive, unstable lollipop. Build quality and components are terrible. What the sound is lollipop, what the amplifier is
lollipop. I was fooled by the high-tech design.


Good luck to everyone, guys, if I can find out anything else, I'll write here.

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Hello, TellWinnDixie

I'm sorry to hear about the issues you're experiencing with your Line 6 Amplifi 150 guitar amp. It seems like you've already tried some troubleshooting steps, such as resetting the amplifier and replacing the Micro SD card. It's possible that the system doesn't work well with larger capacity cards, so using a 4 or 8 GB card might be worth a try. Additionally, checking the cables and ensuring good contact throughout the amplifier could help resolve the issue. I understand your frustration with the build quality and components of the amp. If you discover any further information or solutions, please do share them here. Good luck!

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