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Is it possible to run a Helix effects into an Amplifi 75?


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I have a Pod HD500x and Amplifi 150 that I use together with no issues. I set up a FRFR (full range frequency response) patch in slot 1A of the amplifi so it automatically selects it when I turn it on. The patch has only reverb that is defaulted to 0% mix. The reverb knob on the amp gives me the ability to adjust it as I need. The amp's EQ acts as a master EQ. I used this exact setup in the orchestra when I was playing guitar for a professional production of Mamma Mia and it worked perfectly. I had the out L and R on the pod going to the FOH mixer and the headphone port going to guitar in on the Amplifi. The setup was flawless and I now use it like this most of the time. For your situation (I assume you mean the HX Effects) you could set up patches with no effects but amp models you can adjust. That way you can use effects on the stomp box and amps are handled by the Amplifi. Should work well.


So, to answer your question, yes you can use a Helix with Amplifi with no issues.


Hope this is helpful!



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Great, thankyou for your reply I tried this earlier today, the cleans sounded absolutely lush, but the drive tones not so much.

I've now gone back to plugging the Helix into  my Blackstar HT20 Mkii amp, the Helix can change the Amp from the Clean channel to the dirty channel, so I'm going to try this next again, just going straight into.the front of the amp.

I've previously used the 4cm, but I'm trying to get the amp past the wife and into the living room, so the less cables the better.

Not sure what I'm going to do for Bluetooth play back yet, as the Amplifi sounded fantastic. 


Just a shame the dirty tones from the Helix weren't upto much through the Amplifi, but that could be user error on my part. 

Maybe I'll revist again.


Thanks again for your reply.

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Yes, it is possible to run a Helix effects into an Amplifi 75 by connecting the Helix to the Amplifi 75's instrument input or through the Aux input using the appropriate cables. However, it is important to note that the Amplifi 75 is not designed to function as a full-range monitor for a guitar amplifier, so the sound may not be optimal.   H‑E‑B Partner Login

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