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Helix Repair: Line6 or "Authorized Service Center"?


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A drink got splashed in the display area of my Helix LT and the display is now all washed out. Not like it has moisture in the display which would be blotchy, but the entire display is evenly washed out, like the brightness is up way too high or something. Aside from that, it works and sounds fine.  "Stompbox" mode is bad as the white letters on a light colored background is very hard to read.


I opened it up (easy) and it appears all dry inside. No sign of dried drink residue that I can see. I would have to disconnect all the I/O on the back to remove the circuit board it's attached to to gain access to removing the LCD UI circuit board to see if any of the drink is dried on something causing a short that could maybe be cleaned/fixed. Not sure I want to disconnect all that I/O just to take a look. On the other hand, it's just a bunch of nuts (on the 1/4") and Philips screws on the XLRs.


Anyway, I have a local (hour away) "authorized repair center" that I could drive the unit to. Or I can ship it to the Line6 repair facility in CA. I suspect that in either case it the answer will be to simply swap out the LCD UI circuit board which doesn't seem like rocket science.


I like the idea of dealing with it locally to avoid shipping and to be able to verify that it's working firsthand. I have no idea what level of "training" or whatever it takes to become an authorized service center.


Where would you take your Helix?

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