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Voice box parameter control


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Hi All

   Have been gigging in a mostly 90s cover band with my Pod Go for several months now and definitely grooving on it ( the Badonk is my go to model). One thing I'm a little frustrated with is the lack of ability to control the sweep of the Voice Box effect with an expression pedal ( like a Wah but with "vowel" sounds). My old Digitech RP1000 did this really well. Do you think this might be made possible at some point? Any solutions (other than buying a Banshee or going back to the digitech) would be appreciated.



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40 minutes ago, marvinthemartian said:

I'm such an idiot. Can't believe I missed that. I'll try that asap. thank you.

Youre not going to sound like Peter Frampton or Joe Walsh, as you need a proper vocoder with mouth tube for that. But you can certainly have a bit of fun with it. I played around with it and gave it some 'do you feel like we do' riffs. Add a phaser or rotary, and Frampton type distortion, and it sounds better.  

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