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Hello all-


I'm still learning my way around my Line6 PodGo. Last night while playing it appears that I hit both selection arrows at the same time. From that point on changing banks and modes within each bank brought each selection up with a white "snapshot" box. I could not figure out how to get out of this, although I was able to click through it to the bank (factory and preset) that I was intending to use. 

This morning I was able to find information which allowed me to somehow exit this  added step and when I select the different banks and setting with in the device now goes directly to the bank's options and does not display the white snapshot screen. I also did the most recent firmware update to 1.30.

My question is that in the upper right part of the screen next to the row of effects from which you can select I see a camera icon with a "1" that has a circle around it. For some reason I don't think that that was around previously...or was it? I'm not sure what it represents and whether I could or should make it go away. I couldn't see in the manual where this is addressed. I suppose too that I'm a space cadet for not noticing it previously or remembering having seen it before.

Please go easy on me...as I said I'm new to this technology and an "old guy" (59) who is not as adept with technology as the younger generations.

Thank you in advance for your advice, insight, and tips.


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I don't own the go, so I am just going to toss this out there... 


If pressing both buttons got you into this mess; 

have you tired pressing both buttons to get you out of this mess.


Sort of like an on/off scenario.

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