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Helix LT want Cab Sim on some outputs and not others, including Powercab Plus


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Hi there - long time Line 6 user, new poster...


I recently purchased a Helix LT and PowerCab Plus 112. What I'm trying to do is set up all my patches so they could be used with any of the following:

* XLRs would have cab sims/IRs. 

* Headphone out is monitoring the XLRs (already found and set this in global settings)

* Digital - goes to Powercab through L6 link. No cab sims

* 1/4" outs - might run into a poweramp and guitar cab, so no IRs/Cab sims


I have the split path thing down, but can only choose 2 paths, each with a target output. So I can set up path 2A with no cab sims going to Digital and path 2B going to Multi, or just XLR, but then I don't have a way to specify which one 1/4" uses... And when I specify 2A is digital and 2B is XLR, I'm still getting the non-cab sim'd setting into headphones, even though I specified that phones monitors XLR in the global settings.


Am I missing anything? I searched on YouTube and through this forum a bit and can't find anything definitive. Am I just exceeding the capabilities here?

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Path 2A no Cab Sim to Digital.

Path 2B with Cab Sim to XLR.

Before the split, place a send and use it to connect to your amp/cab instead of the main 1/4" out.


If HP are set to monitor XLR, everything before the split will be in your HP.

The same signal will be going to 2A as to 2B.

I would think that's what you want.

Am I misunderstanding the problem?


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I just want Digital and 1/4 (or send) with no cab sims. XLR and headphones with cab sims. Right now, when I try to do that with the split the Digital/no cabs signal is getting mixed with cabs signal in my headphones and sounds half good/half terrible.


Does that help? Hope I'm explaining it right. I can try the split/send option. That's a great idea. Thanks.


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