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Adding An 8 Ohm Cab To My Dt25

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Quick question.  If I want to add the DT25 1x12 cab to my amp should I connect the internal speaker to the 4ohm output along with the cab?  I'm just looking to move more air I'm not worried about any type of stereo function.  


While I'm here actually, if I wanted add a 16 ohm 4x12 should I just unplug the internal all together?


Thanks in advance.



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My original post is wrong so I had to look at the manual again, Stumblinman is right. Heres a snippit of the manual on this.


 My original post: I'm pretty sure your going to plug your new 8 ohm addition into the port right next to the internal speaker port. Should be a circle around the 8 ohm section of the outputs. You can't use 4 ohm port along with the 8 ohm port as far as I know, same for the 16 ohm port. My DT50 has the same outputs as your DT25 so in this respect I think it's the same. What I've done, and it sounds good, is take a DT25 Cab 8 Ohm and another cab I had which was 16 Ohm and run them in parallel from the 4 ohm port.

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If using 2 8 ohm loads, they each go into the A (4ohm single or 8 ohm pair) holes. One is the internal, the other external. Single 8 ohm goes into the B spots. 8 ohm single or 16 ohm pairs.


It's actually labeled right below the connection jacks.

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