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Helix floor with Roland gr55


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Hi, does anyone here use Helix in conjunction with gr55? I'd like to receive suggestions about the most practical and functional ways to connect each other, how can I do the correct and logical routings. I'll be grateful to everybody who could give me suggestions or maybe even templates in order to organize patches: I'd like to connect my guitar to  helix and gr55 and have the opportunity to go through helix to speakers, being able to insert or bypass gr55 (it's possible simply activating a send return block? Where in the chain block? It's the only way or there are other interesting ways... I imagine so). Please be generous and kind. I apologise because of my bad english.

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The most obvious way to physically connect the two is to connect the 'guitar out' from the GR55 to the Floor's 'Guitar In', and to connect the left-right outputs of the GR55 to a pair of the Floor's returns.  

That of course won't in and of itself mix the audio from the GR into the Floor's outputs.

I did an entirely equivalent thing with my VG99 which I describe here - https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=23099.0 - you can see I patch the returns directly to a signal path.  I tend to run a single patch with snapshots on my Helix though so I'm not sure my template would work for you, and its for a LT anyway and I'm not sure how import/export works when you're dealing with sends and returns as the LT doesn't have as many of them

If you go to the GR55 section of the forum I've linked you will no doubt find someone who can share a template - there are a lot of helix users over there!

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