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Looper in Spider V and FBV 3


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I find it pretty hard to use the Function know on FVB 3 when working with the Looper in my Spider V mk2 in live situations, is hard to reach and be balanced and super controlled at the same time. It would me much easier if it could be controlled with the TAP button on my FBV3 because then the heal could be resting on the floor when pushing the button working with loops. No its hard and I always accidentally press other buttons at the same time. Obviously a not so practical construction using in live environments. Is there a way to for example program the amp or the FBV3 to control the looper with the TAP button instead?

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It's not possible to change the looper footswitch as far as I know. I think if you practice it a bit, you'll get used to the upper footswitch control. Guys with huge pedalboards somehow are able to tap dance all those switches on multiple levels. I was tired of the tap dancing which is why I decided to go digital. It's great for live playing.

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