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Arrange Pedals


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Hey guys I've got a question.  I'm using a POD X3 Live with Gearbox and I can't seem to figure out something.  How am I able to manually arrange pedals in the chain?


See image 1.


What I want to do, is put my loop in-front of the volume pedal.  I'm running a DD-20 with FX-SEND and FX-RETURN via the loop... and I am losing the tone in the delay.  It just sounds thick and muffled, not loud enough either, and you can't make out the delay very well.  But if put the loop as pre, instead of post as it currently is set, the delay sounds awesome.  So I'm thinking the volume pedal is somehow interfering with the loop.


View image 1 to see the chain... and view image 2 to see the settings for the loop.  But I believe the issue is the volume pedal.


Can anyone offer me a suggestion or instruction on how I could fix this?  And how to manually arrange the pedals?


appreciate it!




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