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Routing/cabling question


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Fairly complex routing/cabling question:
I want to use my real amp (Engl Fireball 25) in the chain using 4CM so I can put a tube screamer in front of the amp and delays, reverb after. I also want to use my real cabinet on stage AND go to FOH with cab/IR from the pod go. If I use Amp Out (set to pre-cab/IR) for the amp return (rather than main out/mono) and move the cab/IR after the fx loop, that should return everything but the cab/IR to the Engl, but still allow me to to use the main out, with cab/IR to FOH..........right?? 
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yea, that's the way I have configured 4CM on the GO and it can sound fantastic. I used a wedge with an amp so I can monitor the main out a bit. I will generally run it a bit wetter. use the volume to get the mix right. I drive my own wedge from the headphone out. House gets the mains. Noon is a nice low SN line voltage and it makes it easy to adjust.


Currently, I only 4cm academically for beta testing or for some rare recording project. I bring my own wedge and supplement whatever is there. The benefit is just not worth it to me to carry my own amp. I will use amps if they are provided and just hit the power amp input. I do like using an amp for FX separation but prefer a simple setup currently.

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