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POD HD500X controlling Cubase transport via MIDI latency issue


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I have a problem where I think I made a beginners mistake:


I'm trying to use my HD500X as a midi controller to start and stop playback in Cubase. It is connected via the MIDI-out from the POD to the MIDI-in on my Steinberg UR-22 Interface  I have 4 buttons (FS1-FS4) assigned for next marker, previous marker, play and stop.


The device is working with the DAW, but every input (or better yet the execution) is delayed for about 2 seconds. The weird thing is that I see the press of the button immediately on the midi-in statusbar. As soon as I press the button it flashes with the amount of input I chose (127) on the device. Then the play button is colored green but it takes 2 seconds until it actually starts playing. Same thing with every other command. When I used the keyboard commands it starts playing immediately.


It feels like I missed something pretty simple, does anybody have an idea?


Bonusproblem: Every time I load Cubase, the settings for the channel and the commands associated with the POD are wiped and I have to set them up again. Is that a Cubase related problem or is there something I forgot to set up with the POD?


SOLUTION: It was a beginner's mistake. Be sure that when you choose how Cubase handles the MIDI signal, it's set to "COMMAND" in the device manager. I had it set to "TRANSPORT" - which was causing the lag. Since I wanted to communicate with the transport, I thought it was the obvious choice and didn't read any other items from that list. If you choose "COMMAND" there will be another column where you can select "Transport" and any command like "Play / Stop" or "Jump to Marker". Works like a charm.
Thank you everyone for reading this post.
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I found the solution by trial and error and wanted to share
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