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Helix with Katana Power Amp In


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I would like to try using my Helix LT with my Boss Katana 50 MKii via the, 'Power Amp In' input.  As I've been working with it, I'm setting up a new patch using just a Preamp on the Helix, no Amp or Amp+Cab.  But I'm finding the default volumes and even the final possible volumes of the pre-amps to be widely off.  I would like to continue working with this option before going to the, 'full amp' option so as to conserve processor and to not impact the tone with the modeled power amp.  But before I do, I just wanted to make sure that I'm experiencing what is intended.  Do you have any advice or recommendations for me?


I probably wouldn't have even purchased the Katana as I have (2) PowerCab 112+s but I'm just finding the Helix ecosystem to be way to  complicated and cumbersome for me.  I've spent more time learning about sound engineer techniques and solutions than I wanted to.  So I bought the Katana and have fallen in love with the tones that it creates.  I decided to try using the Helix in front of it as just a stomp box pedalboard and that seems to be ok.  But the Katana 50 doesn't have an effects loop so the reverbs and delays can only go in front of the amp.  Which is why I wanted to try the power amp in.  If I can get this working, I can use Helix for everything up to the power amp and speaker.


Anyone else trying this?

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It won't work the way you want it to. Relevant info in BOLD.


This jack directly inputs a signal to the power amp without passing
it through the preamp of the KATANA Mk II. You can use it to input
sound that’s been shaped by an external preamp or by a multieffect
unit equipped with an amp simulator. If you’re using the
POWER AMP IN jack, the [PANEL] button is lit green.
* Sound that is input to this jack is not affected by controls other than
the [MASTER] knob and the [POWER CONTROL] switch.
* Unless you are using two KATANA Mk II units connected in stereo,
leave the [STEREO EXPAND] switch or [EXPAND] switch turned “OFF.”
* The POWER AMP IN jack and the INPUT jack cannot be used
simultaneously. If cables are connected to both, the INPUT jack has

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With more experimenting I believe I'm finding that I will need to use the, 'Amp' models as it sounds like I'm getting some, 'direct to board' type of artifacts using just the, 'pre-amp' on more than one model.  This may not be an issue, it's probably just user error.

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I was aware of that and was using the Helix out of the 1/4" mono jack right into the, 'Power Amp In' jack.  I might buy a Katana 100 which has an actual effects loop which would allow me to use the 4 cable method.  But I was trying not to have to make that purchase.  ;-)


Thank you

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