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Pod Go noise when using external overdrive pedals


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I've tried a few different overdrive, boost, distortion, etc. pedals in the Pod Go every which way possible but get a loud terrible noise as if the noise gate is doing nothing. Only way to get rid of it is turning the noise gate up so much it pinches off the notes when you play. I've seen YT videos of people adding their favorite overdrive pedals without all the feedback, noise, etc. that I get when I try it.


Don't know if it's defective or what. I've tried tweaking every setting I could think of. Really a bummer as I really like the unit but wanted to use it for a back up with a favorite overdrive pedal in case my main pedal board ever goes South during a gig. Anyone else have this issue?? Searched all over the Web for hours a few times and can't find a thing :(

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On 6/22/2022 at 11:34 PM, tcio said:

….. I've tried tweaking every setting I could think of. ..

Can you be specific? For instance, have you made sure that the levels are matched (line vs. instrument) for the physical I/O  jacks being used?


Are you using the external pedal before the POD Go or in its FX Loop?

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