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New Pod Go won't start


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Hi Guys,


I've bough Pod Go and  received it today, but it won't start at all.

It is stuck on the black POD Icon. I have tried the following on 2 different computers.

- Removed any installed Line 6 applications.

- Installed the latest Pod Go Edit & Line 6 Updater

- Tried updating the Firmware using Line 6 updater with online and Offline Installation Methods.

- Pod Go is not detected on PC unless I manually Enter update mode.

- Line 6 Updater detects the device as NXP-DFU and shows Unknown Version.

- The Firmware Installation stays on 0 Percent then fail with error message "An Error has occurred. Please try again"

- Tried 3 different USB cables that are confirmed to work with other devices.


I have tried multiple workarounds on the forums and, but none worked with me. Do you have any suggestion that I can try?



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A replacement is on the way. Let's hope I get a better unit this time.

Do you think it is possible for Line 6 QA department to be that bad and a unit comes out of the production without proper testing?

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After all the times I have bought new devices and found there to be no sound, It always turned out to be I was not paying attention the the instruction manuals and the fault was usually human error rather than equipment fail.  My Line 6 Pod Go would not start as expected until I updated all the windows drivers an software downloads from the Line 6 Pod Go Support.  Once I configured My win 11 laptop with all the necessary updates, the Pod Go was detected immediately and the Unit worked perfectly.  I am really not sure this will help, But start over and read the instructions and installed or reinstall the drivers.  Windows must have the latest updates even before installing Pod Go Edit 1.30 ( which has all the current patches and fixes )



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