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POD GO Headphone sync


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딜레이를 걸고, 헤드폰으로 들었을 때 좌우 싱크가 맞지 않습니다

오른쪽이 먼저 들리고 왼쪽이 다시 들립니다. 심지어 저는 핑퐁딜레이를 사용하지 않고 있습니다.

정상적인 다른 헤드폰을 사용해도 이 현상은 그대로 나오는데 해결책이 없을까요?


Left and right sync does not match when listening with headphones with delay applied

The right is heard first, then the left again. Even I'm not using the ping-pong delay.

Even if I use other normal headphones, this phenomenon still occurs. Is there any solution?

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Which delay are you using?  Simple Delay?  If so it's normal, just badly documented or a bad name...  The Simple Delay is Stereo..  You could try the Digital delay, I'm not at my Go so not sure which are Stereo delays, but there's quite a few delays, some are bound not to be stereo. 


Also from what I recall, some delays are stereo and you can adjust the Left vs Right, so setting them to center could be a workaround to get mono sound, but I'm pretty sure some delays should be mono by default, just try other delays!

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