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DL4 MkII Mic Preamp Experience?

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Anyone on here tried the mic preamp? I'm in the market for a few things - taking a tiny bit of DSP off my full size Helix, getting a longer looper than the full sized Helix, and buying a second mic preamp that is comparable to the Helix one. 


I don't need a crazy focused micophone preamp - just something on par with the Helix that allows me to amplify a voice aand add some slight effects on occasion (such as reverb). 


To my surprise - the new Delay SEEMS like it would do all three things VERY well. 


However, it's also possible the mic preamp option is limited enough that it only works in certain setups (such as adding a looped beat box effect vs. actually belting out a couple of choruses). 


Any thoughts on the quality of the mic preamp for this one? 

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While there's been no reply . . . as I think about it, it doesn't appear that there's any way to have it NOT apply delay or reverb to the vocal which limits it somewhat as you probably won't always want that. 


Which is a bit of a bummer. I get why it wasn't included since it's primary focus is for delay and reverb. 


At least I thought of that before I pulled the trigger. Might still pull it anyway. Depends on how bored I get this week. 

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