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HX Stomp: Tuner Not Engaging on Mission Engineering TT2


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Hi. I set up the TT2 so that FS4 is a boost (off of the Output Main) and FS5 is the tuner.

All was well for the past year or so but now the tuner isn’t happening (FS4 boost still works fine). 

I’m using a two prong stereo cable. Don’t know what would’ve made one punk out on me. Haven’t driven a tractor over it or anything. 

Thanks in advance. I like the tuner option in that spot. 

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To be sure you're starting with a clean and up to date slate, and you have not yet updated the unit's firmware to the latest vers 3.15, do so by installing HX Edit vers 3.15 and allowing it to handle the job. Be sure to first backup any Presets you might wish to Restore! And, also make note of your unit's Global Settings fsw assignments for FS4 and Tuner to FS5 (rather than the Default of Tuner on FS3). 


If you've already updated the firmware and confirmed your Global settings are correct, the next thing to check would be your patch cable. Test each of the TRS contacts with an Ohm meter to confirm continuity and do so while flexing the cable at the connectors to see if there might be a stress short at either end of the patch cable. If the cable tests OK, there might be a issue with the TT2 or HX Stomp.

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