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Are Gearbox Plugins Compatible With Other Interfaces?


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Hi guys. I had a UX8 for a few years, and I just bought a Roland UA1610 because I needed more inputs. Now when I open projects that were using Gearbox plugins, I get no sound and sometimes Reaper just freezes and shuts down. I tried rescanning the Line6 VST folder to detect the plugins, but that did nothing.


Do the plugins require a Line6 interface to work? Can I no longer use them? If these are VST plugins, they should work on any device, right? This is going to seriously screw up a lot of work I've done if the plugins reside in the Line6 hardware and are inaccessible using anything else.


Please help!

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Yes - a Line 6 device must be connected to authorize the Gearbox plugins. Over the years the VST Plugin licensing technology from Line 6 has evolved. The plugins are now associated with Pod Farm (not Gearbox) and now you can buy a hardware independent version of Pod Farm so that you can use the VST plugins with any audio interface.


But in the days of the UX8, the VST licensing was controlled by the hardware. Unless an authorized Line 6 hardware device is connected the version of the VST plugins that you have are not enabled. If you still have your UX8 you can try just keeping it connected as a big dongle while using you UA1610 as the actual audio interface for Reaper. That setup may work.


Otherwise, to continue using the Line 6 VST plugins with your UA1610 you will need to purchase the hardware independent license for Pod Farm 2.5.

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