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Need help using "Line6 original" models


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I'm not an expert on guitar effects, or the latest things out there.


Here's my problem:


If I select a POD GO effect model patterned after a current market pedal, and I don't know how to use it, I can always Google for the manual of the actual pedal, and get a good idea how to use it.


But if I select a "Line6 Original" model, there's no manual or explanation of use available, as there would be with an actual pedal. I have no clue.


Any suggestions on how to operate (or even what the main goal/features of) the pedal? Is there a place to find out, that maybe I missed?

Or am I doomed to hours of trial and error, trying to achieve something the pedal wasn't designed to even do?


I could just ask for help on a given pedal, I suppose, but there are boucoup Line6 Original models in the POD Go. There must be a better way!


Help!  (and thanks!)



PS: This is just an example, don't want to get off topic with the answers, but for instance, the Line6 Dual Delay model.


- Is it a delay into a delay? (I believe there's a pedal out there that does such a thing)

- Is it two separate delays, switchable?

- Is it two separate delays, in parallel (stereo)?


I have no idea...

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Check out this page:


It's actually something that's pretty fun to do;  looking up which is the original pedal/amp in the Go, doing some research on the original and watching videos about them, then using the Go as if it was the real thing, which it is but at the same time isn't.


Some of the newer models are documented in the release notes of the patch.  But yeah, that sort of documentation is lacking, as L6 doesn't really have one place with the info.

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Thanks, that's a page I don't have.


Perhaps I should try and check out Line6's info on former Line6 pedals.


But from the number of Line6 models available on the POD GO, I'm assuming there are many more models than actual products Line6 used to sell or currently sell.

I may be wrong.


I also may have to find books on guitar effects operation. Maybe with some sleuthing and connecting dots, I might be able to deduce proper operation.



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