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Weird new issue... Now left only sound with effects loop?! [fixed]


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[edit:  TLDR; Not an amp issue; FX Mono vs Stereo block issue.  Setting to Mono fixes left muted channel.]


I don't get it...  I just switched amp, everything is working beautifully, except now when I turn on the FX loop, which is sitting at the end of my block chain, now the right speaker goes mute...  What's really strange is that with my previous amp, it did not do that..  Turning on/off the FX Loop did not mute the right speaker, so it must have converted the signal to mono for the FXLoop Out, and then played the FX Loop In (mono) but through both speakers, which it is no longer doing...  And I can't really figure out what could be causing it... 


On my previous mini-amp, it was:  

    Go headphone out 6.35mm -> adapter ->  3.5 mm cable ->  Amp 'Audio Input'  (3.5mm)



   Go headphone out 6.35mm -> adapter ->  3.5mm to L&R RCA -> amp L&R RCA in


Any idea?!  Thanks!

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Fixed! I remembered that there are 2 FX loop blocks in the Go.  A mono and a stereo.  But the pedals hooked to the FX Loop aren't Stereo, and the patch had a Stereo FX Loop configured...  So it might explain why when you send a stereo signal to a mono pedal, only the left channel is returned... 


So, fixing = changing Stereo FX block to Mono.  What's weird is that I don't remember having to do that in the past, maybe the default block is mono and that 1 patch for some reason had the FX configured as Stereo...  Yep, looks like that's the case, basically all of the patches I typically use the FX block with had it configured mono, and only a couple of others had Stereo...


Strange I never noticed the issue before the amp change!

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