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Line 6 Pod Go with external IR loader in Reaper


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I would like to kindly ask you for a help. I would like to use external IR loader ( NadIR ) in Reaper with Pod Go to increase quality of the sound. I can load 96k IR in NadIR and the sound difference is there. I connected my pod go via USB to my laptop. I had to set up audio settings as shown in the picture. In this way I can hear only monitoring sound.


I would like to use studio monitors instead of speakers from the laptop. I connected studio monitors to Pod go but I don´t know how to set it up in order to hear only monitoring sound through them. Any advice?


Thank you.




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I am doubtful that there's a meaningful sound difference. Even if you have IRs that were actually shot at 96kHz (which is a big if, as it's very possible that IR makers work at 48kHz and upsample), what that means practical terms is you're increasing the bandwidth to include sonic information up to 48kHz. There's going to be very little sonic information from a guitar speaker above 10KHz, let alone above 20kHz... IR processing is a linear function, so things like improved aliasing performance, which can benefit from higher sampling rates, don't come into play.

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