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VCM tech in Helix family


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Hello everyone,

I've been for almost nine year the THR amps(10, 10x and 10c) and they feel really good when you hit to the strings, the dynamics is very responsive, however using the hxstomp it's not the same.

I think maybe is a different way to handle the algorithms, however being Yamaha family, I would like to ask to Line 6 team, more accurate to Helix developer products team if is planned to implement the VCM(

I think it can improve a lot the dynamics and the sound for all the Helix family.

Thanks a lot.

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The Helix uses component level modeling as well. The modeling teams for Line 6 and the Yamaha products are really two separate things. I believe most of the Yamaha development takes place in Japan with some in Europe. Pretty much all of the Line 6 engineering team is in California. There is a small contingent in Vancouver as well. But the way that Yamaha handles it subsidiaries is a pretty hands-off manner. There's been some cross-pollination, but that's kind of the exception, not the rule.


I'd also add, though, that a lot of the dynamic perception you're talking about comes down to the playback system, perhaps even more than the modeling itself. So comparing a modeling amp to a standalone modeler isn't necessarily apples to apples.

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