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Pod 6 Go volume pedal changed


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I swear I am losing my mind.  When I got this Pod Go last year the I could switch between presets with the volume pedal down and the leave the guitar volume/output all the way up and the Pod Go would be silent between the switching of presets.  Now when the volume pedal is back all the way an the guitar volume/output is open, the pod is up at 100% volume even with the pedal still being down.  If I put the pedal up and back down it mutes and adjusts volume just fine, but its not starting out that way when switching between presets. 


Something changed and I don't know what.  I play on a the worship band at my church and it is important that I have this function back if possible.  Any help is appreciated.  I have updated to the latest firmware and reset to factory settings and its still not back to what it used to be.

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There is a Global Setting in the Switches/Pedals section that controls pedal behaviour in this respect. From the manual, the Position setting for each pedal:


“Determines whether the POD Go expression pedal positions are recalled per snapshot, per preset, or applied globally. If you want a Volume Pedal or Wah to maintain its position when switching presets, set this to “Global.””

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