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Need to use Pod Go with Tube amp and FOH as well


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Hi All,


Maybe this has been addressed before but I was not able to find the answer .


I need to use my Pod Go with my Tube amp for stage monitor and the FOH should be able to hear my full Pod Go with Overdrives, stock amp, IR, delays , reverbs...


I have seen multiple videos, however it did not help me much with the routing and placement of the effects in the pod go.


I saw the below video from Line 6 Movies, however could not understand the routing from timestamp : 00:20:05 onwards till the end. That's what i want to understand.


Any help is appreciated.



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Use a 1/4" Y cable to "jump" the pod go's effects send to effects receive. Place your effect send/receive block after your effects but before your amp block. Turn effects send on and remove the stomp pedal from it so that you don't accidently turn it off.


Connect the Y cable female jack to your guitar amp with a guitar cable.


Connect the pod go's main out to your FoH.


Et Viola! Your signal splits after your effects out to your amp and also continues through your amp and speaker sim blocks to FoH.


NOTE: I've been told you can do this without the Y cable by playing with the effects send/receive settings. But I haven't tried it.


If anyone form Line 6 reads these messages, please note that the current AMP OUT settings needs a third choice: "before amp block"

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