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Stacking effects


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I've been using a Spark and looking at the Catalyst 60.

Wattage-wise, it's super overkill for a bedroom player like me. But feature wise, I like it.

I don't use a ton of effects but I like cleanish reverb, tremelo and delay because I like a spaghetti western sound as well as just a nice clean sound with a little reverb, maybe delay, for fingerstyle blues. I might discover others because I'm more of a beginner than anything but that's where I would start.

Two questions:

Can I stack the effects I want if they are under the same control knob? ie: two modulation effects and settings, playing at the same time?
And, once I find some tones I like, how many can I store on the amp itself without going into the app?


I don't mind using an app to get the tones but once I find a few that I like, it would be great if they were just a button away on the amp itself.


Thanks all,


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