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Help ! Lost my snapshots !


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Hello !
Who can help me ?

I usually use the first 2 footswitches of my Pod Go to change presets.
At the same time, I display on the screen the 4 snapshots available, which correspond to the 4 footswitches A-B-C-D
I don't know why, but this configuration no longer works (?) : next tu the 2 arrows of the presets (up and down), 4 presets are displayed and no longer the 4 snapshots of the selected preset. Accordingly, the "A-B-C-D" footswitches call up the corresponding presets.

I hope my explanations are understandable enough !

How do I restore my previous configuration ? I tried different settings in the "global settings", but without succes.

Thank you a lot for your help...


Example,  on the attached photo, the selected preset "Argent-123" has 3 snapshots... In the past, these were displayed on the screen, corresponding to switches A, B and C. But now, these are the 4 presets of bank 07 (the bank of my preset selected) which are displayed on the screen and correspond to the "A-B-C-D" switches...

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