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Peadalboard Power "brick" for HX Effects?


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Have TWO HX Effects so looking for something that can power both, and still have some juice left over for 6 pedals - like Mooer Black Secret size (all drives, not power hungry).


Would like to get away from the wall warts.


However, they can fit under the pedalboard, so any ingenious solutions to getting them plugged in (I have the shorter ones that are parallel to a power strip if the slots are parallel as well)

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From all I know, to start the HX Effects up reliably you'll need at least 2 isolated (!) 500mA outlets for each HX FX device, which makes 4 in total.

In addition you need a current doubler cable, combining 2 outlets into one supplying a total current of 1000mA. And as Line 6 had the stupid idea to use different than standard plugs (2.5mm instead of 2.1mm), you might need another adapter - but fortunately, Voodoo Lab has a current doubler with 2 x 2.1mm ins and 1 2.5mm out, directly suitable for the HX series, the name is "Voodoo Lab HX Curr. Doubler Adapter PPHX".

As far as power supplies are concerned, you'd have to look for some overhead, especially as you're also planning to power up some more cables. So, given that your two HX Effects will already consume up to 2A, you might want a device supplying 3A or so in total. And as said, it's absolutely mandatory for the outlets to be isolated!

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