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Use same preset at home and live


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Hi, at home I use Pod Go through a mixer to some home studio speakers, and live I go to my amp, through the Pre Amp section. But I can make them sound the same.

First of all, I find it very annoying that I have to manually disable all Cabinets in my presets to change from Home to Live. But then, I should also change Amp to Preamp, but that is impossible, as I would lose all settings, and I have to do it for every snapshot AND preset.


Am I missing something? Do I really need to have presets just for Home, or just for Live?

I find the multiple outputs, global settings, preset settings and setup, very obscure for what, imo, should a very common workflow.

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First, gig patches are very different to home patches and these should be created at gig volume. At gig volumes you need to up the mids because those are the frequencies our ears like (see "Fletcher Munson"). 


Second, when going through a real amp cab, you'll likely prefer tone with the cab models off.  


Third, if you have no fx loop and your only option is to go through the front of your amp, you're usually best to set the amp clean so you can use amp models. If you have an fx loop, I recommend you plug Pod Go into the fx return to bypass your amps preamp section and give you a more usable and consistent base with which to use Pod Go amp models. 


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I'm doing the same thing and this is how I manage it... 


My home studio is set up pretty much the same as yours.  When I gig with the band I play through the Return of my Ampeg BA 115. The trick is to first place your Cab model to the right of the chain and then in Global Settings set the Amp Out Source to "Pre Cab/IR.  For Home use, connect your studio monitor system through the PodGo Main Out jacks.  When gigging live use the Amp Out into either the Return or the Amp input.  For the Home Studio try to find an amp model that closely matches whatever amp I'm using for your live gig.  In my case I selected the 1x15 Ampeg B-15.


Whether you use Amp or Preamp models is up to you.  Just note that some settings may not be the same.  In my case I try to use the PreAmp models since I am bypassing the amp preamp section.  As far as volume /gain setting go, you will have to play around with it.  To get a close match, I use one of Reaper DAW Track VU meters in Record mode to adjust the gains when running through my home studio.


It's not exact and you may need to adjust some things here and there but it gets pretty close for me.  At least I can use it to practice at home and be ready for the next gig.

Hope this helps!



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