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  1. The weirdest thing. The next day I didn't have that problem, or at least on other presets. I didn't make any changes from the previous day and wondering if it was one particular preset or just needing to be reset? <rhetorical> As my dad use to say; "You're not holding your mouth right!" I'll go back and search. Indy, appreciate the response!
  2. I came across this strange phenomenon when trying to figure the best way to connect and use my Pod Go with an external amplifier. I would like an explanation as to why the sound changes when I turn on-off the Pod Go Cab block? Here is my setup: Global Settings, Amp Out Source set to PreCab/IR since the amp has a speaker cabinet. Amp Out connected to the external amp Return to bypass the amp's preamp stage. Pod Go Cab block moved to far right in the chain since Amp Out Source is set to PreCab/IR. Main Out set to Line and Left/Mono connected to monitor speakers for comparing modelling tones. With the Pod Go Cab block set to 'On', the tone from the external amp is what I expect and sounds about the same as the monitor speakers. But when the Pod Go Cab block is turned 'Off' the sound is completely different (distorted and unpleasant) from the external amp. If the the Pod Go Cab is bypassed by setting the Amp Out Source to PreCab/IR, why does turning on-off the Cab block change the sound? I would expect there to be no change in the sound since the Cab block is (supposedly) bypassed in the Global settings.
  3. I had a similar problem with my amp. Some users mention setting the Amp Out source to Pre Cab/IR since you are already using a real cab in the amp, then run the Pod Go output to the amp Return to bypass its preamp. This all made sense but I got undesirable sound like you. I still run the Pod Go through the amp Return but set the AMP OUT Source back to Main Out. Sound is very good. BTW, I use an Ampeg bass amp, BA 115.
  4. On your Amp Out question, go to Global Settings. You can set the AMP OUT source to work the same as Main Out.
  5. You may be in the ball park. I can't recall at the moment where our HeadRush is set but I typically adjust the Pod Go volume knob at church to what you're experiencing; 10 to 11 o'clock. One other thing I noticed is volume (or effects quality) can depend on the type of pickup in the guitar. I play a 73' Gibson SG Standard with humbuckers and seem to get the best quality with the pickup(s) set at max. I'm interested in knowing what you discover.
  6. We have a Headrush 112 at our church that I play my Pod Go thru. Haven't experimented a lot with this but I do have to adjust volumes on the fly, depending on the song and how loud our choir sings. :-) Note that you actually have at least three volume sources you need to deal with; Pod Go internal volume/level settings. These could be in the various amp/cab blocks, effects blocks, expression pedal and global settings. Pod Go external volume knob. Whatever amp/pa you're playing thru. This is my sequence to set up volume levels so far. (I say that because I continue to experiment.) The goal is to get an overall output level of around -18db to -12db when playing with normal guitar strums using a DAW. For my setup at home, I run the Pod Go output (Amp Out and Main Out are set the same) thru an audio interface into my PC. Using Reaper DAW, I have a track setup to where I can view the db levels easily and put it on record; however, I never record anything. On my Pod Go, the volume knob is set to a little above the 9 o'clock position. I then adjust the audio interface gain to get no more than about -54db floor noise, as viewed on the Reaper track. (This is without playing anything.) While using Pod Go Edit, I will strum the guitar while making various level adjustments within the preset blocks until I get the desired -18 to -12db levels in the DAW. (I use snapshots a lot and this is very helpful in normalizing the volume levels between snapshots.) So far this method is working for me to where I can take the Pod Go to church, maybe to a little tweaking between the volume knob and expression pedal and be good to go. Note that the expression pedal, if used as volume control will effect these settings so keep it constant throughout the preset/snapshot adjustment phases. Hope this helps!
  7. Some interesting ideas on how to use amps. At first I used an old Line 6 Spider modelling amp and set it to Clean with all the EQ, Drive adjustments to 12 o'clock. Depending on the venue I always noticed differences in the tone or volume and would make slight adjustments on the AMP EQ. I finally got tired of fighting this. I now use an Ampeg BA-115 bass amp with the Amp Out going into the Return. I set the Cab/IR block to the end of the chain when it's turned off. However the first time I did this I noticed the dirty tones sounded (for a better term) scratchy. Not sure what caused it but ended up improving the sound by enabling the Cab/IR block. I know this sounds opposite of what should be done but it's working for me.
  8. DavidField, I'm new to Pod Go and a little confused on "bypass" Looking at manual, it discusses Bypass Control dealing with the expression pedal. Not sure if this is what you mean. I assume you are bypassing all the effects to check the volume? Can you give us more detail on how you use the tuner function in bypass mode? Also, where/how do you observe the db change?
  9. Have you tried an isolation transformer? I had an odd issue happen yesterday with the expression pedal at a friend's home studio. I typically use my expression pedal for volume control but a song I was playing required a wah-wah sound. I switched the pedal to WAH; however, no Wah sound yet the Position indicator was fluctuating as expected. So I switched back to Volume thinking there was something not set properly for that preset . Later, when selecting another preset the Volume pedal stopped working and was stuck on 100%. When switching to Wah, the Wah sound worked. I tried turning the unit off then on but it was stuck in this mode. Today at home everything seems to be functioning properly. I can switch back and forth between Volume and Wah and they both work. I don't know if the venue had anything to do with it or not but it was a strange behavior for sure. When I go back I may take my on power conditioner or try an isolation transformer. Hope this helps!
  10. That worked but in order to switch to a preset after recording a session the Mode switch has to be pressed to get back into Preset mode. I was trying to do this with snapshots but noticed a couple of the snapshots show the looper 'grayed' out. I know looper blocks are gray already but these are more of a dull gray where one snapshot is the standard bright gray. I tried removing blocks, thinking it was a resource issue but that didn't help. In fact I removed everything accept the amp and cab. Any idea on this?
  11. Just started delving into the Looper. Have scanned several videos on Line 6 and Youtube about looping but none explain how to switch and overdub presets and/or snapshots. There are videos that have people doing it but none that explains how. I tried switching to a preset between an overdub and the looper just shuts off. I am however using the simple one switch mono. Can anyone explain how to overdub and record different presets/snapshots within the same loop session?
  12. I have an old Spider 210 amp that has some amp models built in. What would be the best way to hook up a Pod Go to this? I tried the Clean setting with all the EQ, Drive set to 12 o’clock. Turned off the delay and reverb. Seems to sound ok but wanted to see if these another trick I could use.
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