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Midi foot control with podgo


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Does anyone know if the podgo will respond to midi messages from an external foot controller? The manual seams to indicate “yes” but I’ve also read that podgo only responds to midi messages from a computer or tablet.


I’ve got an Ampero Control midi foot switch… it works with my DAW… but the podgo doesn’t seam to be receiving the messages.


any advice?

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I have a USB hub, I plug three things into it 1) the podgo, 2) the foot control, and 3) a midi keyboard… all three go to my IOS via camera connection kit.


I can use all three devises to send midi signals to my IOS synth app (sample tank) which sends synth tones back to my podgo and out to my PA.


it all works pretty well to integrate my synth and guitar rigs (I also run an app that converts the guitar signal from the pod into midi… so the guitar basically becomes a midi controller to play my synth.


sorry that was long… it’s a complicated set up… but it allows me to play horn sections in unison with my guitar or have my guitar chords dubbed by an organ.


Now I want to use my foot control we to change snapshots will activating certain midi instruments… seems like it should be possible:-)







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I don’t have any experience with that sort of setup, but I know this: Rule #1 with Line 6 USB - avoid using usb hubs. Can you test, temporarily, what you want to do without using the hub? Let’s simplify things to see if you can get that working first, then add complexity.

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