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Jun Senoue Tone


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So I've been making tones as tributes for artists like Hendrix, and Joe Satriani. 


For those who play the sonic games, you probably know about Jun Senoue. What would I need to use in the helix to replicate his guitar tone. Amps, pedals, reverb, etc

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If you have the ability to uncover the nuance of tones with Hendrix and Satch, why ask us? 


I'm aware of his credentials, and I know I've heard him far more than I realize.... but a quick listen to some samples doesn't sound like anything overly unique to me. Just like Satch... there is no "single tone" to decipher... but also just like Satch... the magic is in the playing, not the gear!  Players like that create something unique out of a bag of potatoes. 

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