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Question on the 4 cable hookup


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I'm eagerly awaiting deliver of my POD Go and had a question about hooking it up. I know it's been discussed to death but couldn't find what's probably an easy question for you all!


I'm plugging into a Supro Keely amp that has effect send and returns as normal. In all the hook ups I've seen the guitar plugs into the POD, effects send and returns, and out from the POD to amp. My question is if there is any benefit or if I'm losing anything by plugging guitar directly to amp instead of the POD (all other cables as normal).


Do all the features still work or should guitar always go to the POD?





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Perhaps I misunderstand. Seems to me your cabling would be Guitar -> physical amp Guitar In -> amp FX Send -> POD Go Guitar In -> POD Go FX Send -> amp FX Return -> ???? That feeds your amp’s power amp and cab section. What goes back to the POD Go FX Return?


If the above is not what you’re thinking, then please describe it. At the very least what you are losing by connecting your guitar directly to the amp is the ability to place any of the POD Go’s FX blocks in front of your physical amp.

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