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DL4 MK2 Midi Sub Division with Digitakt

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Hey all,  


I have my dl4 synced up with my digitakt and the midi clock works fine but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the clock subdivisions to stick with presets. I have the latest firmware and everything. I pretty much always want it to be dotted 8th notes, and tried using the CC and know that it is sending messages because the dl4 will change its subdivisions, but when I use the cc messages for dotted 8th note it is often a different subdivision instead.  PLS HELP.

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Make sure you're saving your preset (press and hold current preset button A, B, or C until it flashes 4 times). I was able to do this successfully, but I don't have a digitakt so it wasn't an apple-to-apple comparison (I used Helix Floor to send MIDI CCs). 

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