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Snapshot Naming


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Quick question. Thanks to various Youtube videos I just learned of a feature of Pod Go that is very beneficial to me, that being the ability to have both Snapshots selectable up\down on the two leftmost switches, while also having the remaining four switches functioning as Stomp pedals. I tried it out this past Sunday at church and worked great! I do have one minor thing though. While setting up the 4 Snapshots in the patch I also renamed them to text more meaningful to me. When I utilize the Snapshot/Stomp mode the Snapshot names just show as default, not what I named them. I know I can see the Snapshot number in the display but it's kinda small for these 68yr old eyes. Is there something i missed or a hack around this? Would I maybe be able to edit this in the .pgp file? I can live with it but would be nice to see the actual names I gave them. Thanks!  :-)



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