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DT50 Head. How to hit poweramp EL34 to get poweramp distortion with Helix / FM3?


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Hi. I´m so lucky to have both FM3 and Helix paired with my DT50 Head to a 2x12 Cab with g12H75 creambacks. The sound is very good (looking for what I want, that is to get real configurable poweramp with realistic preamp models, so, usin PREAMP models in Helix/FM3 and to not double the poweramp part of the sound). The only problem I get Is with models how medium or high gain without master volume, wher a hugh part of the distortion comes from driving the poweramp tubes. DT apperas almost impossible to produce poweramp distortion, when I raise de volume from the models they start to "clip" getting nasty digital distortion. With helix I know the preamp models are "cut" by -24dB , but raising to that volume with "gain blocks" I get "read cliping alert" from the device.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a whay to push the poweramp section of DT50 into distortion? Thank you all in advance!

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