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  1. Hi. I´m so lucky to have both FM3 and Helix paired with my DT50 Head to a 2x12 Cab with g12H75 creambacks. The sound is very good (looking for what I want, that is to get real configurable poweramp with realistic preamp models, so, usin PREAMP models in Helix/FM3 and to not double the poweramp part of the sound). The only problem I get Is with models how medium or high gain without master volume, wher a hugh part of the distortion comes from driving the poweramp tubes. DT apperas almost impossible to produce poweramp distortion, when I raise de volume from the models they start to "clip" getting nasty digital distortion. With helix I know the preamp models are "cut" by -24dB , but raising to that volume with "gain blocks" I get "read cliping alert" from the device. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a whay to push the poweramp section of DT50 into distortion? Thank you all in advance!
  2. Hi! Thank you for all your efforts. Sadly my DT50H was left behind with no changes. (only thing they do was exchange the 12ax7 EH leaving on it 2 12ax7 JJ. They do not perform Bulletin 059 or any other maintenance (No bias check, etc). The hiss is very noticeable mainly on Topology III with Class A and 12ax7 enable. I know this is normal, but I dont find the level of the noise beign normal. I decided to brought the Amp to another technical service (there is NO other Line6 authorized service in Chile), look for someone to check bias and hopefully reduce the floor noise of the amp (when I put different brands of 12ax7 the floor level change sometimes for good, sometimes for bad... so that is a clue. I want to know what happened if my amp fails due to not perform Bulletin 059 when Audiomusica knowing about it dont do anything to my amp. Beside I want to ask you for help or tips to reduce my amp noise floor and perhaps instruction to when I bring the amp to another service center. Thank you so much!

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    2. psarkissian


      Looking into this further. Thanks.


    3. psarkissian


      Pablo Vasquez <>

      +56 9 73504908.


      Try them and see what they can do about it. Was in touch with them through our tech channel.


    4. patriciogac


      Thank you very much psarkissian! Saddle, I had many emails with Pablo Vasquez at that time, I understand he is the head if the audiomusuca service relate to Line6, I spoke with him soecifically about bullentin059, and to perform maintenance and bias of my amp, and the final result was what you already know.  If you ask me, I could try one more time.....


  3. Well Sir, I can't leave without write a big thank you to you for your great help. Sadly, I call yesterday Audiomusica, they told me they receive Bulketin 059 and "diagnose" the año..... the amp has nothing bad ?I doubt they checked at least for tube Bias value), and Bullleyin 059 does not affect the function of the amp so they have not doing anything about that either. They ask me to pick up the amp by next Friday. I bother you for the las time asking you to assist them about the step necessary to check this very special amp. I thank you in advance and understand if there is nothing you could do. Thank you!

    1. psarkissian


      Anytime,... it's what I'm here for.

      They do have to make certain that it's the correct fuse,... it is a very specific fuse.


    2. patriciogac



      That's are the email address of who are seeing my amp at Audiomusica

    3. patriciogac


      Sorryvto brother you again. Today I received an email from Audiomusica. They will not be doing anything to my Amp (bulletin 059, or anything else), they told me they do not have the necessary spare parts to perform the modification. They don't perform any maintenance (check bias ,etc)  either. They ask me to pick the amp, and they will call me when they have the spare parts or something like that. I think audiomusica needs to be call to update their communication to Line6 as an authorized Line6 service.

  4. Thank you very much! Audiomusica told me that they received the Bulletin 059, but they think that that is not related to my  "problem". I ask them to proceed with Bulletin 059 anyway. I take my DT50 Head to them in the first place because it is second hand and I hear a lot of "noise" mainly in topology III, and because of that I want an "authorized Line 6 center" to do the maintenence (check bias, tubes, etc) and with the hope that the noise floor can be lowered... when I ask you here in the forum (THANK YOU ONE MORE TIME), you told me about my serial number being candidate to perform the Bulletin 059 work. PLEASE tell them step by step the hints to make a good maintenance of my amp, check bias, etc, and to decrease the noise floor.... They will do whatever you say, because this work is too much for them IMHO.... they told me they dont found anything that cause noise so they want to sent it back to my, without perform Bulletin 059, and without checking BIAS or perform any maintenance. PLEASE!

    1. psarkissian


      Emailed them yesterday. Awaiting a response. They seem to be having trouble with their service logon. 

  5. Today I called Audionusica again. They told me that they are waiting for Line 6 to sent the info about Bulletin 059 and how to proceed. Can you help me in any way? Thank you in advance!
  6. Today I was talking to the Chief tech of Audiomusica (Authorized Line6 Service Center in my country). They told me that they are still waiting for the password to access the internal Line 6 bulletins (they told me that the password you give them is incorrect), so they can't do anything to my am yet! Could you be so nice to help me?
  7. I dont think is a bug, instead how it works. The thing is that I dont see advantage on how you loose control over DT amp when in channel B (over L6Link). I thin that could be changed easy via Helix update. By the way, my DT50 head cannot change anything via MIDI if L6link is connected. Are you experience that too (I think is a little fool to change every parameter via L6Link if in Channel A, but have to connect a MIDI cable to change things if in Channel B if you are at your computer)
  8. I commented this recently in another post. i think is a bug. Would be awesome to start a ticket and see if Line 6 could fix that in a firmware upgrade. Beside you can´t set any of the other options, pentode/triode, etc either not low volume or master volume
  9. Thank you for your support!!
  10. That's nice!! They contact you about my amp? Any chances to know what do you tell them about? I hope they can proceed with Bulletin 059, and can verify the bias and lower the hiss noise floor Thank you!
  11. Today I received news from my local Authorized center. They cannot reproduce the "hiss" in topology III. They don't made any maintenance either. They don't know what Bulletin 059 is (my amp is on the serial number that need to be service). What next?
  12. I know. Can you try to use midi from Helix to DT50 when L6Link is connected please? I think is a bug
  13. If you use Helix to DT50 via L6Link you could set the parameters on DT50 thru HxEdit. Saddly, some parameters are not accesibles via HxEdit, and when you use L6Link you lost the Midi connection with DT50. I think it is a bug need to be corrected.
  14. Well, I´ll be glad to pay for tubes, Bias, and general maintenence if that gives solution to the high hiss noise floor. I dontt know what to ask about bulletin and will be done... suppose it dont include what you said.
  15. Well. Thanks. I ended at my local Authorized Service center today, as was advised by psarkissian. Many thanks to him. My amp is under TSB 059, so I took it to general maintenance and service under this bulletin whatever ir is. I hope the noise floor became a lot better after this service, but I donk know what to expect here in my country. I doubt every authorized Line6 service center being equal in quality and with a legacy amp as DT50 head, they look like "what?" at me when I talk about the bulletin and everything, I don't know if they follow the internal communication channels for service or if they will do what they think must be done by their knowledge and not guided by Line6 recommendations.... so I'm a little scared. Anyway, I don't know if they will charge me the entire maintenence or if the TSB 059 will be free, or if all the cost of bias, changing tubes etc will be under 059 maintenence warranty. I don't know how much time I will being without the amp either. I will report back when I know something. Thanks in advance
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