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Input being heard when usb is plugged in


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This is probably a silly question, but here goes.


With the USB cable plugged in whether listening through my outboard mixer via the main outs, or the pod go headphone socket, I can hear a 'slapback' effect - so I presume I hear the input signal and the pod affected signal.  Or maybe its just trying to reamp or something?  Am I going mad?  
When I disconnect the usb, its fine.  

The last thing I want is to use a seperate sound interface to input to my PC when I presumed the pod go would do the job.   What am I missing?  Thanks!

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No, I don't really record much anymore, its more playing along with music on my PC.  I have a mixer that I run a couple of other things into but I took that out of the 'mix', and plugged in to the pod go headphone socket.


If I turn off the 'input' in my sound control panel, then it works how I expect, but then I lose the ability to hear the music I want to play along with.   Any ideas?

podgo thing.png

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