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How to connect Digitech Whammy DT to PGW ... pros or cons of not using wireless ...


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I bought the PGW because it was cheaper than the PG. I wasn't thinking too much about the wireless part. But I have a digitech Whammy DT that I was just going to feed into the PGW. Doh! not if I use wireless. I haven't played too much with the Edit software yet, so if I wanted to go wireless to the PGW, would I have to somehow send out the DT in the middle of my presets somewhere using the physical effects loop connectors on the back? Also, I was hoping on using the DT to handle the impedance issues (if it pops up on my PGW), but now I think I might have lost that trick if I send out to the DT?
Thanks in advance for any clarification on this!

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Yes, setup your preset to place the PGW FX Loop at some point in your signal chain. I’m not sure if there are restrictions about it placement, but as early in the chain as possible to achieve your desired first-in-chain placement.


I believe the POD Go impedance issue is in the input block so can’t be addressed by a pedal in the FX Loop.

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