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Help! Sv Malfunction!

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So the other day i was working on some tones for my SV MkII 212 thru SVMkii Edit and everything was going fine
And then the next day when i turned on my amp i had VERY LOW SOUND. I made sure everything was connected and i even bought new tubes (the old tubes were about a year old). I cant figure out why its not as loud as it should be.
I factory reset the Amp and still have the same problem! HELP

I highly doubt its a speaker problem because i never push the amp to hard.

Has anyone had this problem before? Your time is much appreciated

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   Two times that happened to my SV MkII 212. First time it was old preamp tubes (1.5 years heavy usage). Replaced them and master volume at %30 was back to it's usual screaming level.  Second time, the little speaker cable connection in the back had somehow popped out just a bit, but still let some current flow to the speaker. Just push it back in right away before a real problem occurs.


   I would also check with a different guitar or cable just in case it's related to a bad pickup, or dying battery of an active pickup.

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