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pod go dead after update


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First of all, English is not my native language. I'm more comfortable using Chinese, so I used AI to help with the translation. My Pod Go failed to update to version 2.0, and now when I turn on the Pod Go, it is stuck on the screen shown in IMG_7372. I tried some methods I found online. First, I uninstalled Pod Go Edit and then downloaded Line 6 Updater and the latest version of Pod Go Edit 2.0. After installing them on my Mac, I held down the "Page" button on the right side of Line 6 to open Line 6 pod Go, and then opened the Updater. However, it showed "firmware update failed." I tried turning off the power of the Pod Go and turning it back on, but it still didn't work. 

So, how to fix my problem?

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I had a similar issue. My POD Go Wireless is dead after trying to update to 2.0. I first updated Pod Go Edit to 2.0, as instructed, then attempted to update the firmware but it stayed stuck on "Updating" on the unit display. After 15-20 minutes, I turned it off, reinstalled Edit 2.0, and tried connecting and turning it back on but now its stuck on the home screen (see attached), and Pod GO Edit does not recognize that a device is connected. It won't do anything now, just stuck on that screen. Help, I have a gig tomorrow! 


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Just unpacked my new pod go, downloaded the pod go edit software and then followed all instructions to the T.

It asked to do a backup, i clicked "yes". then it updated and said it was successful, the said it would rebuild the presets and this is where it ends....

Nothing happens after this on the Pod Go screen


I then after 30 minutes shut down, unplugged and went to yet another mac computer and did everything over again and same thing happens.


What to do????

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