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HX Stomp-HX Edit- Amp noise; 1 solution...


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I just got my HX stomp. I downloaded HX edit and the firmware update. I connected the Stomp to my amp and then the stomp via USB to my PC: horrendous noise. I checked online and found this was a common issue with no easy solution. But I accidentally found one. Buy yourself a bluetooth wireless transmitter set from Amazon. I have the Getaria. I put the transmitter on the Stomp output and the receiver to my audio interface; then I put the receiver to my Marshall; then I realized I was connected to HX Edit and an amp and there was no noise. If you are grumbling about having to buy something to cure this ill, believe me those little guitar transmitters to be very handy for other things. I didn't see this solution elsewhere so I offer it now.

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Those transmitters add latency to the signal and have batteries.

Assuming the "horrible noise" is a ground loop (USB or audio) get a simple Hum Eliminator, it works for both, no latency or batteries and probably cheaper.

I use the Pyle PHE400 - $30 on Amazon.

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