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Line 6 Fbv2 Questions

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I have a few questions about the FBV2 footswitch (the one with 2 buttons) for use with a Line 6 Spider IV 75. According to the site's description of it, you can cycle through 4 presets (A, B, C, and D).


Can you set ANYTHING to be in these presets? Even different saved settings from the same channel?


For example, if I wanted preset A to be Crunch with no effects for standard distortion and have preset B as Crunch with the Smart Harmony for harmonic guitar solo's, preset C as Clean with Reverb, and preset D as Clean with Delay, could I do this?


Any help is appreciated,



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The 4 presets you can cycle through are the 4 currently saved in your selected user patch location.  I suggest you read your owners manual to learn how to save your sounds to the user patch locations.

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