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Hp500x Flash Update Issues


Hi Guys -  could do with some help.


Today I purchased a Line 6Pod500x and I thought I would update all the bits.

I have downloaded and installed Line 6 Monkey and updated the drivers.


However, I cannot update the Flash Memory (from 1.0 to 1.2) which I would like to do.

I also have noticed that the factory preset lists are screwed up (not sure if I did that playing around with Edit and Monkey) or not, but the Best of HD set list is half missing - would like to get it back if possible.  I have tried holding down the left arrow whilst powering on - no luck.


I keep getting the following message, when attempting to update the Flash Memory:


Code 8007211

Firmware update timed out waiting for response from the device.


The pod is connected, powered on, USB connected and can be seen by Monkey.  I have tried 3 different USB ports and even tried updating from the file I downloaded. 


One thing I did notice was that my Drivers are version whereas Monkey has the newest listed as  Could this be part of the problem ?  Should I try udowngrading to the drivers and try flash update again.  Or Is there something else I should do ?


Thanks for any help :)









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Problem solved.


Returned unit for a full refund. Store confirmed that unit I had, had software issues.

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Thanks for the suggestion to try another usb cable. Unfortunately I dont have another cable like the one they supply. I have also tried disabling my security software as well but same result.


Also noticed last night after I posted that the unit and the Edit software wont talk either - I get another error message (different to flash update one ).


Shouldnt be this hard.


Anyway after trying for nearly 12 hours yesterday to make things work - I have decided to take the unit back to the store later today and see if I can get a refund.

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