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Saving Presets Problem


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I just started trying to set up some sounds using a Variax 500 connected to my 500X using an RJ45 connector. Using a laptop running Edit. I set the sound on the Variax and then set up some effects etc. I know I have to go to the Mixer section to set up what sound I want on my Variax. I do all that and then save it to the 500X, but it is not retaining the Variax settings, when I go back to checking the sound it has whatever sound is set on the actual Variax. Is this one of those things were I need to plug in the 1/4" jack to the Variax to set it to save information?


Thanks in advance.

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You do not need the 1/4" connector; the VDI connection is sufficient. (btw ... I hope you are using an RJ-45 cable with Neutrik protective shielding at both ends. Otherwise you risk damaging the jacks.)


In the HD500x preset Mixer section make sure you correctly identify the Variax 500 (not JTV) as the connected device. Also make sure you set the parameter to Control the Variax from the HD500x; it can be set to Don't Control, which defeats the purpose. And finally, make sure you SEND the preset/patch to the HD500x device from within the HD500x Edit program; don't just use the SAVE button on the device.

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