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G10 Relay Issue After Changing Guitars

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Hi everyone, I played two shows over the weekend, Friday & Saturday, and had the exact same issue come up and I am hoping someone can help. I started both sets with my Gibson LP >> G10 >> Helix >> Front of House. On both nights, I burst a string on the LP mid song and had to make a quick change to my backup Telecaster. On both nights, I killed the signal to the Helix with a vokume pedal at the start of the Helix' signal chain, took the G10 transmitter out the Les Paul and put it into the Fender. AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaannnnnddddd.......................nothing! Absolutely no signal whatsoever! (Obvs I had put the volume pedal back down to allow signal into the Helix. Quick change to a cable and the Tele came back to life both nights.

Does anyone know of any issues with the G10 when you make quick guitar changes?

A few other notes: The Gibson LP is stock; with BurstBucker pickups. The Tele (HSS pickups) has Bareknuckle Warpig in the birdge (No judgement, please :P). The helix' Z-in is set to 230k. I am not sure if this impedance setting would make any difference with the wireless kit though. Also, after this happened on the first night, I flashed the firmware on both the receiver and trasmitter, but both were already on the newest FW before the flash anyway.

Final note, I didn't get a good look at the colour of the LED during the issue-I was in a mad panic as I had a solo coming up!

Any thoughts?

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