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Switching between, and selecting effects on Catalyst 60


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I have not plugged into the line 6 software yet, but i find the effects controls a bit confusing on the Catalyst. I can cycle between the types of effects, i.e. delay, modulation, pitch. However, once the effects button is lit to the correct color it is fairly ambiguous trying to figure out which effect setting i am on. What is the difference between when the effect button is a solid light, and when it is blinking? The other thing i am experiencing is this; say i have the effects lit up green for delay, and i set my knob where i want it, now i want to move on and add some modulation to the signal, when i press the tap button to change the type of effect, i lose the delay setting i had just set. Also, when i set an effect, lets use reverb for this example, if i set my effect and then i hold the reverb button and turn the dial one way or the other to select if the reverb is before or after the preamp, i lose the setting i just dialed in. I feel like i am missing something, but i also feel like these controls, while sharp looking and appear simple, are a bit clumsy and difficult right out of the box. That being said, i understand that as humans we dont know what we dont know until we learn it, and i do also wish the cheat sheet and the manual were a little more in depth. im not knocking it fully, i think if you are someone who has experience with newer gear and tech, its probably really easy stuff to learn. i am not that person. ive been playing through an older tube amp for most of my music journey. I love the sound and the tone im getting out of this amp. Overall i am very pleased with this thing. Thank you very much Line 6. i think i just need a little help. 2 more questions.... is there a wireless adapter for connecting to the app? and lastly, will the bigger footswitch connect to the 60W, or can i only purchase the 2 channel? furthermore(i know i said 2 more but it turned into 3) I purchased this as an open box deal from musicians friend....i was expecting there to be a footswitch, of which there was not. Did they come in the box if i had bought it new from you all? Or maybe they are sold separately either way?


Thanks for taking the time to read this monstrosity of a post. ANY help with just the basic effects settings is welcomed and much appreciated. Rock on folks.

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I can't re-write the manual - the "Pilot's Guide" - in such a way as to make it easier for you to understand, as I don't live in your head.

What I suggest is that you load the Catalyst Edit SW and sit there with the manual while you go through the options.

Makes the manual much more understandable.

Also, DL the latest FW and manual version.


Think of the Catalyst as having 12 presets, arranged in 6 banks.

Any preset can be anything you want it to be.

Each preset is a FILE. If you change the file and then switch to another file you lose your changes UNLESS you SAVE the file first!


No, the Catalyst does not come with a FS, that's an add-on.

Unfortunately, the Cat60, unlike the Cat100/200, does NOT have a MIDI Port, which is how you get more control vs the 2-button FS.

MIDI with the Cat60 is done over USB and requires a computer to act as "HOST".

If you want to do MIDI with the Cat60 you should look for a MIDI controller that has a HOST capability, else you'll need a MIDI HOST box.

Some Morningstar and Xsonic MIDI controllers have this capability.

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