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Pod Farm 2 Doesn't Show Up In Licence Manager

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My UX2 broke in transit to my current home and i'm using my old Lexicon interface. I assumed considering i payed for a few plug in's on Pod farm 2 that i could still use them. In both Logic and Standalone it's running in trial mode.



I fear that PodFarm 2 doesn't show up in my licence manager unless i have a UX2 plugged in? 


Please help! :)


Many thanks

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unless you specifically paid for pod farm 2, you probably had a UX2 that had a pod farm license... if UX2=dead or gone then pod farm 2 license= dead and gone. sorry.

your model packs will still work, if you get a replacement UX2, or if you purchase a pod farm 2 license.

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