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Sonic Port Latency

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I do experience a significant latency using sonic port with mobile pod with iPad 2.

Line 6 claims that it can be used LIVE, but I can't see how this is possible!

I would use it LIVE if no LATENCY present and the issue should be stated as part of the gadget features....


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The first thing I would do is make sure I have plenty of free memory.. If not free some up.

Turn off WiFi or moble connections

The next thing would be multiple programs open .. close all programs besides the Mobile pod.

Next try another IOS program like JamUp Pro XT.

After all that if I still had latency I would start checking wiring, last ditch resort the SonicPort itself may be faulty then i would arrange to send it to tech support to see if they could find a problem..Eliminate the easiest things first then look for the not so easy.


I run live with Sonic port straight to my home PA and our house PA,, with no latency issues at all.

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Did you check the Audio Buffer settings for the app you are running? This determines the latency, and most audio apps include this as an adjustable setting. For the Mobile POD app you get to this in the iPad's Settings app - scroll all the way down in the Settings app menu to Mobile POD in the list of apps and you can set its Audio Buffer there. My iPhone 5 has this set to 4 ms and latency is pretty low. If you set it too low you'll get some clicks and pops in the audio but you can likely get yours down to 4 or 6 ms.

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